How Top Earners Recruit Effortlessly

How Top Earners Recruit Effortlessly

If you’ve ever wondered how top earners in network marketing and affiliate programs enroll people effortlessly into their home businesses while newbies and amateurs struggle to even set appointments, pay CLOSE attention to today’s video …

You see …

A few years ago, a former college classmate of mine reached out to ask if I’d be interested in joining her network marketing company.

I turned her down because I had been considering joining this exact same company under a different sponsor.

A few weeks later, she found out that I had joined the same company she was in, but I joined under someone else.

Turns out, she had some choice words about me …

It got back to me, through a mutual friend that she thought this was (in her words) “a real d**k move”.

In today’s video, I’ll explain the 3 reasons why people like my old college classmate struggle to recruit …

While top earners (like the guy I ended up joining) actually have people chasing them asking how they can get the opportunity to work with them.

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